The Touch


This collection of poems centers around love. Magical. Mysterious. Real. Fantasy. Filled with passion and pain. Can you live without love?

The Touch

Today I touch your

love. And he asked me

if dangerous was chugging

poison. I laugh and

roll around for awhile

in your smile. The

water fills the holes

created by your aggression

The impression left is

sparkling, like raindrops

passing through

a rainbow.




I draw the sea air

into my breath.

The thought of you

fills my chest.

I inhale your scent

and let it flow

through me,

living beside me.

I can’t let go

I’ve tried before.

I can’t believe

in magic


A true day

a dazzling night

I turn for you,

make it right.

I close the door

and wish for peace,

peace within me

to keep.



The Caveman

He carries a

torch for me,

his long black

hair tangles me.

He wanders around

lonely without

me, howling in

pain, on fire

for me.

He is strong

in chest, his

body the best

but he’s nothing


without me.



8 Lines

Like a blue whale

has blowholes

so I sew your love

into my raw wound.

You are the dirt that breathes

under my shoes

the light that douses the dark

the noise that makes me sleep.




I feel alive

in your heart.

Mine beats faster in


a smile I can’t deny,

my arms around

your soul

my breath on your neck.

I reach for your


I pray for a piece

of your love.

You stand close but

tell me to stop–

but I can’t.

You turn to walk away

but your face is

engraved on

my heart.



Second Chance

Looking for material

praying for strength

I shoot the gun

that claimed your


I’d travel great

distances and not lose

who I am

but I’d shine my

light and hope you

want to see me again.

It’s like starting over

and I dread the change

but knowing you’re

so close

makes my heart

beat again.



I want you back

I squander the sweat

that drips in rivulets

off your lips.

How can I beat the rhythm

with just your fingers

and your feet?

I need your whole skin

all of your heat

I want every pore, every pain

all of those cramps that make

you scream with pain.

I love pain, your pain, my pain

together we are the ultimate

pair of pain.

I’m in love, I’m alive

I will do a nose-dive

if you won’t suffocate.

What? I don’t know.

I’m a foot without shoe

a ring without finger

a crow without black.

Let me say it, “I want you back!”



It’s you

I see you like it was yesterday

Your smile

Your long, hard legs

so sweet and gentle

I can’t get enough of you.

You complement me

you’re the core, the very

essence of me.

You make me feel alive

like I’m worth more than I think.

The magic never dies

never fades like a light

It’s pointed like a star

flawless like a circle

hopeful like a dream.

I believe in your taste

I long for your arms

I pray for your safety

I love our joy

happiness in your eyes

love, stronger than love,

always in my heart.


–All poetry by Patricia Kirsch

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